About Soccer-Views and Soccer Sketching

soccer girl chasing a ball

We love the thrill of soccer, including training practice, and the introduction of kids to the game. Consequently, we created Soccer-Views to enhance your soccer experience by providing you with:

In general, we want you to Keep on Kickin'. As I (Karen Little) am the primary designer of the cartoons and other images you see printed on our soccer-related apparel, I hope that my work (like you see below) will also encourage you to pick up your own pencils and draw! 

Keep on Kickin' by Karen Little of Soccer-Views

Soccer-Views opened in October 2019 and will be updated regularly throughout November.

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Just ask me, Karen Little, at Karen@Soccer-Views.com or follow me on Instagram at SoccerSketching.

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Our facility is in Weehawken, New Jersey, USA.

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