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Soccer Practice: Use the right words when talking about soccer

Soccer Views blog post

There are many books, videos, and blogs available today, but even studying the simplest of them requires hours of study and a good dose of memorization.

A better way to learn the game (and take part in knowledgeable conversations) is to study related vocabulary lists.

The difference between learning the game through a book and understanding it through a vocabulary list is the latter requires less reading and study time. Sure, you'll want to learn more, but at least vocabulary lists give you a start.

If you don't fully understand a word, just Google it for more information. The good things is that most soccer vocabulary words do not require that level of study.

Here are a few online soccer vocabulary lists for your consideration:

  • SoccerAmerica's list looks long, but only features40 words.
  • Quizlet's members organize soccer terminology as card decks. On one side is the word to memorize, and the other, its meaning. You might find the perfect deck or you'll be motivated to create one yourself to help other parents.
  • FluentU's definitions include lots of photos.
  • Epic Sports Soccer soccer glossary appears as a long typed list, but it's to-the-point and possibly the best one for serious study. Consider printing it out for easy reference or  bookmark its URL.

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