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Soccer Practice: It's all about agility, especially at home

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Agility, whether soccer training or during actual play, is what attracts me to soccer and why I like drawing images of participants.
All athletics require agility. Most, however, concentrate on specific motions. Soccer, however, requires overall agility, much of which is called into action randomly. 
Bedroom dribble image by Soccer-Views    
Agility training should definitely start at youth, but amazingly, can (and should be) practiced by the most senior of senior citizens. Keeping one's body agile not only keeps it loose, but silently promotes healthy lifestyles and reduces overeating.
Many people give up exercising because repetition is boring. That can't be said about "soccer training" and "soccer drills." Once you start competing with the randomness of a ball, your attention is cemented.

At Home Agility Training

Nothing beats working with coaches and trainers, but when you can't get on a field, or even outside, you can accomplish quite a bit inside.

For those of you familiar with interactive game consoles (see link below), check the ball oriented "DribbleUp" which features skill builders for soccer, basketball, and medicine ball. The price for each set is just over $100.

The most popular indoor practice uses cones, with at least two to get you off and dribbling. No cones? Try toilet paper rolls. 

Cleats, published on Vocal.Media, lists ten best drills that they say "can be done with just a ball, your feet, and some dedication." All their photos and link to videos are of outside scenes, but with some furniture rearranging, many can be done inside.

Should the kids, mom, dad, gram'ma and gramps get involved? Absolutely. Even walking a ball, when done by the very senior set, keeps everone in the game.


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