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  • Soccer Practice: Small bits of practice makes perfect

    Soccer-Views suggests how to start learning from the wealth of Soccer Drills available in YouTube videos and online blogs.
  • Soccer Practice: It's all about agility, especially at home

    All athletics require agility. Most, however, concentrate on specific motions. Soccer, however, requires overall agility, much of which is called into action randomly. Practice makes perfect, but if you can't get out on a soccer field, there is plenty you can do at home.
  • Soccer Practice: How to learn what your kid has learned

    My last blog on soccer practice discussed the value of storytelling in helping players (new and seasoned) better connect with the sport. I ci...
  • Soccer Practice: Why storytelling matters!

    Learning is a physical activity that requires all of our senses and capabilities. Denying the importance of any single sense, then, limit...
  • Soccer Practice: Use the right words when talking about soccer

    There are many books, videos, and blogs available today, but even studying the simplest of them requires hours of study and a good dose of me...
  • Soccer Practice: How to keep soccer clothing and gear dry

    Keep your soccer clothing and gear dry (and away from other wet things) by using 5-gallon, zip-seal plastic bags.